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A Field Guide to Recent Digger Print Volumes

By, 09/09/2021 - 21:20
Digger volumes showing slightly narrower trim on 2019 editions.

Published editions of books may vary over time due to changes in printing between editions. For our Digger volumes, switching between printers has resulted in minor changes in book dimensions. If you are building out a complete set and wish to have all volumes match, please read on to learn how recent editions vary.

If you’ve purchased a copy of any of the six individual volumes of Digger in the last two years, either from us or from Amazon, you probably have one of two editions:

Second Trade Paperback Edition, October 2012
(Note: Digger Volume Two in this edition was labeled Third Trade Paperback Edition, October 2012 due to an earlier layout issue that caused us to need to scrap the First Edition. The important bit is the October 2012 part.)


Third Trade Paperback Edition, January 2019 OR Third Trade Paperback Edition, June 2019
(The Third Trade Paperback Edition is the important bit this time.)

There are a variety of small differences between editions, but the most obvious one is that the ones from 2019 are one quarter inch narrower on the width. This was due to trim size restrictions on the printer we were using for those editions.

Which edition you ended up with depends on what the stock was at the time and how many books you bought at once. We tried to avoid mixing up the editions (due to the size difference), but if you were buying them one at a time you may have gotten mixed versions.

To determine which editions you have, see the copyright page at the beginning of the book. The image accompanying this blog post also highlights a potential visual indicator: the narrower 2019 edition has been trimmed much closer to the point of the crystal graphics behind Ursula Vernon’s byline on the lower right.

Due to a litany of quality issues and the resultant ongoing trouble with stocking copies of Digger (because we kept having to return 30-50% of all the copies we received) we have ceased stocking the 2019 editions, though they will continue to be available for a while via distribution channels due to agreements with the printer.

Going Forward

We have returned to our original printer of the October 2012 editions and produced a new edition labeled Fourth Trade Paperback Edition, July 2021. These books are identical in size and construction to the October 2012 editions and have been updated with typo corrections which were originally made for the Digger Omnibus printing (which were not included in the 2012 editions).

We still have a small stock of the 2019 (one quarter inch narrower) editions but will be shipping the new editions by default going forward.

If matching everything up is important to you and you specifically want the 2019 edition (because you are filling in holes in your collection purchased when we kept running out of them), let us know in the comments with your order. Otherwise, you will get the new editions.

Sorry for the confusion and for things going out of stock continually. It has been very hard getting quality printing at volumes and rates which we can handle. We should now be good on quantities to be able to keep them in stock for several months.