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What’s new with Sofawolf?

By, 12/01/2019 - 23:03

What’s new with Sofawolf? Midwest FurFest & New Releases!

Midwest FurFest is coming up fast, along with the holiday season. We know we've been quiet online, but we do have several new things to announce!

Patterns in Frost: Stories from New Tibet, Volume Three

It has been fifteen years since our last visit to the bleak, icy environs of New Tibet. For those who are new to the series, New Tibet is a colony world that exists in a state of near-perpetual winter. Rich in mineral resources, it draws individuals hearty enough to withstand the harsh conditions with the promise of honest work and a hard-won fortune. But, the corporations and crime syndicates hold all the levers of power, and once there it is increasingly difficult to stay ahead of the costs, both mental and financial.

Three books already existed in the series: Breaking the Ice and Shadows in Snow (both anthologies), and a novel by the world’s creator, Tim Susman, called Common and Precious.

Patterns in Frost adds a third anthology to the list, with stories by Ryan Campbell, Huskyteer, Sparf, Dark End, Lloyd Yaeger, and Tim Susman. It features a lovely cover by Nic Champagne (aka: Loafy) that makes us shiver just looking at it.

The new book will be available at Midwest Furfest (tables A18–19) or online at on Monday the 9th of December.

Heat #16

After skipping our usual Anthrocon release schedule, we are happy to announce the sixteenth volume of Heat will be released at Midwest FurFest. It’s got a great collection of stories and artwork as usual and we are grateful for all the work put in by our creators and editors to pull the issue together.

This volume includes seven very different stories of romance and erotica by seven different authors, illustrated by six different artists. It is a slightly different format from previous volumes. Read on to learn more!

The issue will also be available at Midwest FurFest or online at on Monday the 9th of December.

The End of Heat

It is with some amount of sadness that we announce that Heat #16 will be the final volume of the Heat series. The process of selecting and editing stories for an anthology is a significant amount of work, without also doing the level of project management and graphic design that it takes to turn out an issue of Heat. While we knew the departure of Teagan Gavet from her role as Art Director at the completion of Heat #15 was going to require a simpler approach, even that proved to be more than we can reasonably handle.

It is time to let go and enjoy it for what it was: more than fifteen years of some of the best short furry erotica in print. We are enormously grateful to everyone who contributed over the years, but especially to Teagan, Dark End, and Huskyteer (master of the slushpile) for taking on the Herculean task of keeping it going for the last five of those years. Without their help we never would have made it past Heat #10.

Digger Omnibus Sold Out

Since 2013 we have been working our way through the remainder 5,000 copies of the Digger Omnibus which were printed for the Kickstarter campaign. Last year about this time we sold out of the Softcover edition, and a couple weeks ago we sold out of the Hardcover edition.

It is impossible to make more. Well… short of winning the lottery it is impossible. The only way to print a book this big (850+ pages) at a price point that is reasonable is offset printing, and the only way to do an offset printing run is to print at least 1,000 copies (and at that level it would still be well beyond “prohibitively expensive”).

We will investigate POD (print-on-demand) to see if a new collected edition is at all possible, but the Omnibus Edition will not come again. In the meantime, we still have all of the original softcover volumes 1–6 available, all of which have been revised with all the typo-corrections and touchups we made when we did the Omnibus layouts.

It was an amazing thing to have been a part of, once the nightmares of mountains of packages and a shipping bill that was more than the cost of a car faded away. Thanks to everyone who made it happen.

So, is that the end of Sofawolf Press?

Definitely not!

For several years now (oh, at least 10), the problem has been that the volunteers who put their time and effort into running Sofawolf Press have been also advancing in their professional careers. The time requirements of running a retail book business ON TOP OF a publishing business ON TOP OF a professional career ON TOP OF having dogs to amuse, houses to maintain, and just maybe a vacation day or five that doesn’t involve hauling books somewhere… well… have been unworkable. As a result of this, a lot of things we always wanted to do (ebook versions, advertising, promotion, advocacy, education, etc…) could never get done—sacrificed to the critical need to simply keep the lights on.

We still hope to do some of these things, and part of the process of getting there is figuring out what we can and should let go of. Retail distribution is one of the things we have been ramping down over the last several years: attending fewer conventions and selling more of our titles through other book sellers. Not having to deal with physical inventory (and the costs, tax reporting, and time required to manage it) will go a long way towards digging out of the hole we are in.

We still have several projects in the works, including the third and final volume in Ryan Campbell’s excellent Fire Bearers series that started with God of Clay and Forest Gods. (This is, in fact, an example of the kind of series we feel deserves MUCH wider attention, and we look forward to having the time to do so.) There is a third volume of Hot Dish that has been languishing, as well as a new volume in the New Fables line, and some other ideas that can potentially move past the IDEA stage if given a little more of our time.

For now, enjoy the new, revel in the memories of the old, and all our best to everyone for a peaceful holiday season. See you in the new decade!