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The Art of Kenket


The Art of Kenket gives a behind-the-scenes look at the talents and humor of Tess Garman, freelance artist and illustrator — though some might argue that her sketches are as much works of art as are her finished projects. Visit her table in the dealers' room at some convention and you'll discover how entertaining her sketchbooks and binders of works-in-progress can be. In this volume of our Artistic Visions series, we've pulled together 86 pages of sketches showing early versions of finished pieces, unfinished pieces, aborted attempts, and general zany humor inspired by life events (when it can be explained at all). Each of her characters comes to life with her skilled use of expression and gesture, as well as her brilliant knack for blending human and animal anatomy into forms that seem to move naturally across the page.

Artistic Visions, Kenket, accent image of a crow painting

Kenket is responsible for half of "Blotch", the creative duality responsible for the popular interactive web-comic phenomenon Dog's Days of Summer, as well as the straight-to-print "Nordguard" graphic novel series. (Is Kenket the responsible half? You'd have to ask her that.) She has also contributed to popular Coyote Tangent projects such as the Kennel Club playing card deck and the 2007 Wish You Were Here calendar.

Release Date: 
June, 2007
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