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It Made Sense at the Time: Selected Sketches by Ursula Vernon


Artistic Visions is a series of full-size perfect-bound publications focusing on the sketches and illustrations of well-known artists. Going beyond a collection of drawings, each volume attempts to impart a sense of the artist's philosophy, tips, and techniques through personal interviews and commentary.

This volume is packed full of sketches and commentary by fantasy artist and creator of the online comic Digger, Ursula Vernon. With a quirky and often hilarious way of looking at the world around her, Ursula has gained a significant following of fans impressed by both her art and her writing skills. Frogs, googly-eyed chickens, viking hamsters and lurking turnips abound. Go on, make the Nallwug happy and buy a copy!

Release Date: 
November, 2004
Number of Pages: