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Buffalo Wings Reunion, Vol 2: The Wild Life


Buffalo Wings is the original funny animal slice-of-life college comic strip by writer/artist John Nunnemacher. It follows a group of friends and their relationships with each other during the years at Boxen University, and originally appeared in the fanzine Yarf! and the Wild Life anthology between 1990 and 1994.

Like the first volume, Buffalo Wings Reunion Volume Two: The Wild Life comprises the entire series of stories as originally seen in the Antartic Press comic anthology Wild Life. In addition, the 120 page book gathers together individual stories and artwork that appeared in other publications, such as a short story from Hit the Beach (co-written and drawn by Jimmy Chin), an extra short story "The Cop and the Anthem," and a selection of previously published pin-up art, along with individual story commentary by John. When combined with Buffalo Wings Reunion Volume One: The Yarf! Years, these two books comprise the complete run of everything ever published in the Buffalo Wings universe.

Release Date: 
January, 2005
Number of Pages: