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Heat #16


With Heat, Volume #16 we return to our roots, showcasing strong, character-focused stories of love and romance between individuals of all species and orientations. After fifteen years of (nearly) annual releases—a demanding and unrelenting cycle of editing and project management—we decided that it was finally time to bring this series to an end. Although less ambitious in layout design than its predecessors, we've still pulled together a top-notch team of illustrators to visualize the stories by seven talented authors for this final volume of Heat.

When a private jet pilot picks up a (cute!) hyena passenger with a mysterious cargo of cutting-edge medical equipment, little does he realize what sort of Mile High adventures and drama will ensue once the swift fox and his tiger co-pilot get off the ground. Story by NightEyes DaySpring, illustrated by KoidelCoyote.

The Witch of Whatcom County is a strong foil for an intrepid investigative reporter for Inquiry, a magazine for skeptics of the supernatural. What will the lioness uncover about the fennec fox's past dabblings in the occult? Story by Orrery and Ko, illustrated by Kalahari.

In a post-climate-catastrophe world, the American Heat is getting to be too much for our hero, disguised as a black-backed jackal, pursuing a ferret smuggler and his mysterious cargo, all while trying to atone for the sins of her father. Story by Slip-Wolf, illustrated by Slate.

A young pro-wrestling wolf and his coyote teammate/nemesis are itching to move up in their field, despite their current mid-card status. An opportunity to impress a promoter for the next season arises, but how best to impress him? Their lineup position is a Card Subject to Change, and the big question is: which sort of "performance" will get the wolf what he wants? Story by Nathan Ravenwood, illustrated by The Neverwolf.

It's hard to be a bat who doesn't trust his own wings, especially when your adventurous husky boyfriend wants to try sky-diving. But when you're also worried about a life-long commitment, Learning How to Fly turns out to be only one of your worries. Story by G.M. Rader, illustrated by SophieCabra.

A former special-agent fennec fox is hot on the trail of a shady casino operation, but who's the mastermind behind it? When it turns out it's someone he's worked with before, his fate depends on his poker face and his hormones. Hopefully, he won't be one of Those Twice Burned by bad luck. Story by Gullwulf, illustrated by BlackTeagan.

When a bookish young doe with cute antlers falls for you, a ferret who claims to be an alien, but you disappear into the crowds of New Year's Eve revelers, she makes it her mission To Find You, no matter how deep into the galaxy she has to travel. Story by Kandrel, illustrated by Slate.

This volume's cover is by Kalahari. Editing was a tag-team effort by Dark End, Jeff Eddy and Alopex. Layout design was primarily the work of Jeff Eddy, with some assistance from Alopex.

Heat is intended for an adult audience only and contains explicit sexual material of Male/Male, Female/Female and Male/Female nature. It is not for sale to persons under the age of 18.

Release Date: 
December, 2019
Number of Pages: