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HistoriMorphs #2


What if you were a vixen healer in the French Revolution, an elk in the service of Peter The Great, a gaur farmer witnessing Ghandi lead the Salt March To Dandi, or a polar bear navigator surveying the North Pole with Admiral Byrd in the 1930s? What if you could tell your story? HistoriMorphs is a collection of short stories examining actual human historical events through the eyes of anthropomorphic characters, as if they had existed as part of the scene at that time.

  • Fallen by Mirko. Illustrations by Odis Holcomb, Rog Minotaur, and John Robey.
  • Dies Irae by Rogue. Illustrations by Scott Eldred.
  • One More Time by Tim Susman. Illustrations by Andrea Adams.
  • The Burning of the Library by Will A. Sanborn. Illustrations by Gideon.
  • The Good Bird of Nanking by Samuel C. Conway. Illustrations by Taurin Fox.
  • The Journey - Part One by Lanny Fields. Illustrations by Derrick Dasenbrock.
  • Grey Warming Over - Part One by David Andrew Cowan. Illustrations by Gideon.
  • Rock and Roll Never Forgets written and illustrated by Tom Nugent.

With a full color cover by Vince Suzukawa (front) and Tom Nugent (back).

Release Date: 
July, 2004
Number of Pages: