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I.S.O. Vol. 2


Cody tries to coast through his relationship with Doug, but it's complicated by his parents, his friendship with Jeff, interference by Jake, and most of all, his puzzling inability to be intimate.

Meanwhile, Jake and Jeff have problems of their own, with Jeff's mysterious background finally revealed, and all elements ultimately collide at The Hangout bar. Has Cody finally come to terms with himself enough to assist everyone in their times of need?

Additionally, a never-before-seen 32-page bonus story written by R. Smith (Funny Farm) once again takes Cody on an unrelated romp, this time on their rival school campus. Cody, Randall and Nate plot to steal a prized trophy, unaware that a high-tech engineering university would purposely create many obstacles for would-be thieves.

Vince Suzukawa brings the same realism and joy to this new story that readers of his earlier comic, The Class Menagerie, will recognize. His characters are vivid and real, and in I.S.O. he takes on the touching story of sexual identity, relationships, and families, all with the same wry sense of humor and engaging art his fans have come to expect.

This second volume collects issues #6 - #10 of the previously published comics and also includes the totally new 32 page bonus story written by R. Smith.

Release Date: 
June, 2011
Number of Pages: