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New Fables: Summer 2007


New Fables brings the tradition of literary journals to Sofawolf Press. These fabulist stories, poems, and essays use animal characters to explore human experiences of love, class society, memory, and many others.

From editor Tim Susman's opening essay, "What are New Fables?":

The stories in this volume range from fantasy to mythic to science fiction. The characters are not American, nor European nor Asian. There are characters who are black and white, shades of grey, and even orange. They have the appearance of animals, but as Aesop's wolf in sheep's clothing might warn you, do not let looks deceive you. Their stories teach us what it means to be, not European, American, black, nor white, but human.

This first volume features:

  • "Lady Raven and the Falcon Prince", a story by Michael Payne
  • "Transformations", a story by Phil Geusz
  • "We Haven't Died Out Just Yet", a poem by Ryan Campbell
  • "Changes for the Better", a story by Kevin Frane
  • "Beggars Choose", a poem by Elizabeth Barette
  • "Coyote Keeps His Date", a poem by David Andrew Cowan
  • "A Non-Biodegradable Fox", a story by Ryan Campbell
  • "Caribou and the Sun and Moon", a story and illustration by Sara Palmer
  • "The Shifting Sands", by Tim Susman

Cover by Ursula Husted, and interior illustrations by Blotch, Heather Bruton, Jill C., and Sara Palmer.

Release Date: 
July, 2007
Number of Pages: