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New Fables: Summer 2009


Escape the modern world with a selection of wild literature! New Fables brings the tradition of literary journals to Sofawolf Press. These fabulist stories, poems, and essays use animal characters to explore human experiences of love, class society, memory, and many others.

Join us for stories of totems and transformation, honor and understanding, and a return fanciful "interview" by Earl Pomerantz. There's tales of bears and stags, dogs and dolphins, coyotes and horses — along with an insightful non-fiction column by Malcolm "foozzzball" Cross.

In this issue:

  • "In the Greenwood", a story by Renee Carter Hall
  • "Panthera", a story by Lisa A. Koosis
  • "You Just Can't Make Furry Fiction Bald", a column by Malcolm "foozzzball" Cross
  • "Interview With a Legend", a story by Earl Pomerantz
  • "Bearskin", a story by K. C. Shaw
  • "Dolphin, Starred and Feathered", a poem by Linda Ann Strang
  • "Race to the Moon", a story by Kyell Gold
  • "Rogue", a story by Phil Geusz
  • "How 'Bout Them Dawgs", a story by Flavian Mark Lupinetti
  • "The Perfect Totem", a story by M. C. A. Hogarth

The lovely wraparound cover is by Kamui. Other illustrations by Savannah Horrocks and Chad Krueger.

Release Date: 
July, 2009
Number of Pages: