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New Fables: Summer 2010


In this fourth volume of New Fables, travel to strange and wonderful places with more of the best writing from furry fandom and beyond. Meet a dog-soldier struggling to grow up in a normal family and a team of battle-weary horses put out to pasture. A half-wolf laments the loss of her pack as she is forced to run the Minotaur's maze to escape slavery, and a faithful friend looks back on his best friend's life. The moon inspires in a lovely poem, and reveals a mysterious coyote in old California.

These diverse stories continue the age-old tradition of telling human stories with animal themes. Alienation, betrayal, loyalty, and love shine in the writing of the New Fables authors, not only through the stories, but through their mastery of expression and form.

In this issue:

  • "War Dog", a story by Malcolm "foozzzball" Cross
  • "The Waterloo Horses", a story by C. M. Cooper
  • "One With the Monsters", a story by A. Merc Rustad
  • "On Approaches to Describing Moonlight in Poetry", a poem by Ryan Campbell
  • "Till the Embers Turn to Ashes", a story by Steve Wade
  • "How the Schoolteacher Got His Song", a story by Ryan Campbell

Cover illustration by Mary Minch. Other illustrations by XianJaguar and Chad Krueger.

Release Date: 
June, 2010
Number of Pages: