Welcome to our new (as of 2018) website. It has been a long time in coming, but we're glad it's finally up and running! Our primary goal has been to provide an updated e-commerce experience for those wishing to purchase our products online. We plan to build in more interesting and useful functionality as time permits. Please stay tuned to our Twitter feed for updates!

User accounts and orders have all been migrated to this new system from our previous one, allowing you to keep track of your previous purchases. This also allows us to continue our popular customer loyalty program. Please see our User Accounts page for more details about accessing your account if you were a previous customer, or setting up an account if you are new.

Yes, the overall design is pretty basic right now, but some of the new and improved features that we have been able to implement include:

  • Responsive design, allowing for a MUCH better mobile experience.
  • A much improved search and filter system for our catalog.
  • No more scary "Adults only!" cover pages. Everything you see on our website remains suitable for all viewers, though the contents of some of our titles remain for adults only. Our catalog filtering system allows you to choose which content you wish to see.
  • Improved display of products that come in varying forms (like hardcover/softcover book editions): no more "click here to purchase the hardcover edition" links!
  • Modernized checkout tools that will allow us to give you more payment and shipping options.

Previous visitors may notice that product reviews have not been migrated to this new system. Reviews and their approval process were cumbersome and annoying on the old site, and we decided they were not worth the bother to bring over. We encourage our readers to leave reviews on review sites such as Goodreads instead. We hope to incorporate such reviews dynamically into our site as part of a future update.

Want to learn more about our journey to this new site? See our "Welcome to Our New Website" blog post!