About Us

Sofawolf Press is an independent publisher dedicated to storytelling that focuses on anthropomorphic animals of all sorts. Established in 1999, our first publication was Anthrolations Vol. 1, released in January, 2000. Since then, we have gone on to publish additional anthologies, novels, graphic novels, artists' sketchbooks, and a variety of similar works.

Sofawolf Press Team Humans

  • Jeff Eddy
    Founder, President & Treasurer. Also editor, layouts, sales, marketing, and whatever else needs to be done.
    Day Job: support team lead for a California tech company, working remotely.
  • Dale Trexel
    Vice President & Secretary. Also webmaster, editor, layouts, and backup on whatever else needs doing.
    Day Job: website manager at a large Midwestern university.
  • Tim Susman
    Co-Founder & Board Member. Also writer, editor and west coast con sales associate.
    Day Job: author.
  • Mark Brown
    Board Member. Also west coast con sales associate and sometime editor.
    Day Job: director of support for a California tech company.

Sofawolf Press Team Huskies

  • Rio, 1996 – 2010
    The Original Sofawolf, she was our mascot for our first decade in business. Sadly, she passed away in July of 2010.
  • Wizard, 2006 – 2015
    He was our joyful and entertaining lead dog for a number of years, but sadly had to pass the torch on to Gypsy earlier than expected thanks to a battle with cancer.
  • Gypsy, 2010 –
    Now the matron of the pack, Gypsy watches over Sofawolf operations with mature dignity, though occasionally slipping back into bouts of puppy mischievousness.
  • Zeena, 2015 –
    Our warrior princess is also Gypsy's understudy and keeps us entertained with her energy and independent spirit.